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Arm to lose weight: U.S. Arm Fat Burn

Arm to lose weight: U.S. Arm Fat Burn

The first step: hand articles

1, purpose: to make his arms strong inside.

Cross hands pushed forward, until his arms fully extended, palms forward, keeping still 4-8 sec. Rotate hands back and do 10-20 times.

2, Objective: to improve the relaxation within the arm.

Cross put his hands on the back of the head, arms and began to force up straight, palms up, to maintain 4-8 seconds, relax back, do 5-10 times.

3 Objective: To make arms, shoulders to tighten cellulite.

A hand placed on the other side of the shoulder, under the vertical pressure, forced up by pressure arched shoulders, arms around each 4-8 times, were done 5 times.

4 Objective: To strengthen the shoulder flexibility, tightening the big arm, forearm. Arms elbow on the back of the head, right hand holding his left wrist, try to pull his left hand to right shoulder stretch direction, maintaining the side for 4-8 seconds to do, were done 5-10 times.

Step Two: Instruments articles

Preparation: Light heavyweight instruments, such as 2.5-5 pounds of small dumbbells, bottle of mineral water or a thick dictionary and other appropriate weight your abilities.

Action point: Do not rely solely on weight, muscle stimulation, try to use ideas and feelings to promote muscle tension. All movements should be slow to complete, and maintain a good body position.

1, purpose: to make the back of your arms muscles are feeling. Legs spread apart shoulder width, hands were holding a heavy object, on the first vertical move slowly back after elbow axis folding arm, upper arm intact until the posterior muscle fully extended, and then force the arm straight, done 8-12 times.

2 Objective: strong arms front. Legs spread apart shoulder width, hold weights in each hand, upper arm closely aligns the trunk to the elbow axis, the arms do bend a move to turn up, the trunk intact, to be completely tighten the arm muscles, the stop for 2 seconds Bell then straight down, do 8-12 times.

3, Objective: To effectively exercise the back of his arms, consumption of excess fat on. Before and after the separate legs, and bend the knee, upper body, under pressure, with your head up, seeing the front, both hands on the sides of body weight, after the move began slowly, until your arms parallel to the ground, stopping 2 seconds back, do 8-12 times.

4 Objective: strong arms and shoulders. Supine, legs folded knees, hands holding weights, lift arms straight, slowly drop straight arm toward the head until the weights touch the ground, stopping 2 seconds, arm muscles feel stretched, and then straight arm back to make 8-12 times.

Step Three: Massage articles

Objective: To eliminate the arm fat, and reduce tension in arms after practice.

1, fingers open, forced the arm’s muscles picked up by a top-down first, then release to 3 to 1 times, each side of the arm to do a total of 12 times.

2, fingers and interference from the shoulder to the wrist shot in sequence 1 times, each side arm shot 12 times.

3 to spiral way, clockwise, from top to bottom gently Rouan arm, each side of the arm to do 10 times, this action is best done in the shower, the effect will be more significant.



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